Jane Madell, PhD



Below is a list of some of my activities for the last several years, and a list of upcoming programs in which I am participating.


January 17, Working with Children with Hearing Loss; Aurea Center, Mexico City

February 27, Understanding Hearing Loss for Speech Language Pathologists – Part 1, Speech Pathology on Line

March 5, Understanding Hearing Loss for Speech Language Pathologists – Part 2, Speech Pathology on Line

April 3, Austin TX Schools

May 1, Collaborative event for audiologists, speech-language pathologists, teachers of the deaf and others working with children with HL in schools; Jacksonville, FL

September 24 Advanced Bionics Asia talk Virtual Talk

October 10, Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego

October 13 - 14, AGBell parent chat Virtual talk showing The Listening Project

October 15 - 16, Texas Speech and Hearing Association

December 1, Instituto Escuta Symposium Brazil Virtual conference


January 7, 14, 28, Feb 4 Speech Perception On-Line Course with Joan Hewitt Hearing First

March 28, American Academy of Audiology, Columbus, Ohio Maximizing Speech perception

May 7, Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss, Presenting a talk at a national conference and working in the Pediatric Hospital, Ulaanbaatar,Mongolia

June 1, Monatna State School for the Deaf Family Support Conference, Great Falls, Montana, Listening and Spoken Language

June 27-July 2, AGBell International Conference, Madrid, Spain, Keynote with Carol Flexer

October 11, Phonak Conference, Stockholm, Developing listening and spoken language

November 9, Managing Children With Hearing Loss; Intermountain Hospital, Salt Lake City


3/9/18: Premier of The Listening Project at the American Cochlear Implant Alliance Conference, Omni Hotel.
Washington DC, 5 - 6:30 PM

3/13 - 3/14/18: Workshops for Phonak in Denmark

3/19/18: The Listening Project at the EDHI conference, Denver CO

4/9 - 4/12/18: Workshops at CLAVE, Madrid, Spain

4/20/18: Distinguishing between Perception vs Production Errors for Children with Hearing Loss with Joan Hewitt at American Academy of Audiology, Nashville

5/3, 10, 17, 24/18: 4 week workshop for Hearing First on Perception vs Production with Joan Hewitt

5/5/18: Managing children with Hearing Loss, Deaf Education and Hearing Science, Deaf Education and Hearing Science, University of San Antonio

6/28 - 6/30/18: AGBell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Scottsdale

10/17/18 North Carolina Speech and Hearing Association Greensboro NC

10/26/18 Pediatric Audiology Conference, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

11/17/18 Pediatric Audiology Conference Aurea Center Mexico City


3/24/17: Maximizing Auditory Performance for School Children With Hearing Loss, National Children’s
Medical Center, Washington DC

4/5/17: Managing Outcomes for Children in Schools with Carol Flexer, American Academy of Audiology, Indianapolis

4/6/17: Honors Learning Module, Recepient of Marion Downs Award for Excellence in Pediatric Audiology, AAA, Indianapolis

4/27-28/17: Instituto Oral Modelo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

5/8-11/17: Phonak Conference, Norway: Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Oslo

6/29-7/1/17: AGBell Conference, Washington DC

9/15/17: All Ears Center Houston – Supporting Families of Children with Hearing loss

9/16-17/17: Texas Children’s Hospital - Managing Children with hearing loss

9/20-21/17: Congreso "Escuchar, Hablar, Soñar" (Listen, Speak, Dream),
Aurea Clinic,  Mexico City

i.   Auditory BRAIN
ii.  Behavioral eval of infants and children
iii. Is technology doing what it needs to do
iv.  When to move from hearing aids to CI
v.   Distinguishing between Programming errors vs articulation errors

10/13/17: Jackson Hole, Pediatric Audiology Project – Helping Families Understand and Accept Technology

10/20-21/17: AGBell – Ear Foundation Conference, London

10/23/17: Ear Foundation London – Pediatric Assessment

11/9-10/17: ASHA

i.  Collaborative responsibility of those working with deaf and hard of hearing 60 minutes Rebecca Kooper, Jane Seaton, Susan Dillmuth-Miller, Jane Madell
ii. Differentiating btw auditory and speech perception errors in children with HL


January 13: Supporting Families Illinois Academy of Audiology, Palmer House Chicago

February 5: Managing Hearing Loss in Children Wisconsin Speech and Hearing Association, Wisconsin Dells

March 21-April 1: Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss, Hanoi, Vietnam

May 5: Iowa Audiology Regional Symposium, Des Moines

June 30-July 1: AGBell Association for the Deaf, Denver

September 23: Auditory Processing Disorders, Cook Children’s Hospital, Ft Worth, TX

August 6: Charlotte ENT, Charlotte, NC

September 23: Evaluating and Managing Children with Auditory Processing Disorders, Cook Children’s Hospital, Ft. Worth, TX

October 14: Managing Hearing in Children, Pediatric Audiology Project, Jackson Hole, WY

     October 20: Louisiana School Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists, Baton Rouge


January 6-25: Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss , Vietnam Training of Audiology Technicians and Auditory Therapists in Evaluation and Management of Children with Hearing Loss

February 25: Royal Institute for Deaf/Blind, Australia on line course: Evaluation of Speech Perception: Using Speech Perception Test Results to Determine Management

March 10: North Carolina Educational Audiology Association

April 15:  EDHI Annual Conference, Orlando www.edhimeeting.org Helping Families Accept Technology Keeping Hearing Aids on Young Children: Effective Strategies to Share With Families With Karen Anderson

April 26:  Managing Children with Hearing Loss With Carol Flexer, Chicago

May 12: Pediatric Audiology Conference, Jackson Wyoming

May 27: Royal Institute for Deaf/Blind Australia on line course - Selecting Appropriate Technology: When are hearing aids appropriate and when is it time to move to a CI

July 21: Royal Institute for Deaf/Blind Australia on line course: Supporting Families Using Technology

August 14: Royal Institute for Deaf/Blind Australia on line course: Maximizing Auditory Performance for Children With Hearing Loss

October 7: Royal Institute for Deaf/Blind Australia on line course: Red Flags: Identifying Barriers to Optimal Auditory Development

December 3: Royal Institute for Deaf/Blind Australia on line course: Auditory Processing Disorders: Diagnosis and Management


January 3-18: Vietnam Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss

We taught teachers, audiometric testers, physicians, and speech-language pathologists and tested children and fit them with donated hearing aids.

January 31 - February 1: Miami, FL University of Miami

February 27: Audiology Online

The transcript and slides from the online course (Educational Audiology: From Observation to Recommendation) that I taught are available  here (courtesy of Audiology Online).

March 4-9: Tulsa, OK Scholl Center for Communication Disorders

March 14-15: New York, NY Pediatric Audiology Conference

April 3-5: Anaheim, CA American Academy of Audiology

May 5: Toronto, Canada

Starkey Conference - Working with Families: Providing Support and Helping them Accept Technology

May 16-17: Sheffield, England British Academy of Audiology

Oct 4: St. John's Hospital, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Managing Hearing Loss and Auditory Processing Disorders with Kathryn Wilson.
Click here to download the conference brochure.

Oct 17-18: Little Rock, AK Arkansas Speech and Hearing Association

What Does it Take to Succeed with a Hearing Loss?
Evaluation and Management of Children with Hearing Loss with Typical and Special Needs
Audiologist as Magician: Evaluation and Management of Infants and Young Children

Oct 25: Hearing Education And Resource Technologies (HEART) Conference, Lake Oswego, OR (Phone: 971-645-2173)

Maximizing Auditory Learning through auditory access, technology, and auditory brain development

Oct 26: Portland, OR Conference Brochure

Maximizing Technology Performance